How to Remove Stitches Video

And here I am removing Chris’s last stitch above his eye:


  1. You need a pair of good tweezers and small scissors or clippers that are sharp at the tip.
  2. Clean instruments with alcohol first and wash your hands.
  3. If the stitches are ‘glued’ to the wound and won’t come loose easily, use a small amount of ointment and wait for it to soften the scab a bit.
  4. Grab a stitch with the tweezers, pull up gently, and cut the stitch on ONE side under the knot.  If you cut the knot off completely it will make it more difficult to get the stitch out.
  5. Grab the knot with the tweezers, pull gently, and the stitch should come out.
  6. Before doing all the stitches, make sure the wound edges are holding together.  If they are separating, you may want to leave the rest of the stitches in a few more days, or consult your doctor. 
  7. Repeat with each stitch.
  8. Don’t soak the wound in the shower or bath for a few more days to make sure the wound edges have the best chance to knit together.

And if you’re trying to decide if whether an injury needs stitches or not, see my previous post on the subject.

P.S.  Of course, advice on this site is no substitute for medical advice.  I think that is common sense, but you never know.

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