Day 26: Weight loss from God?

Day 26

Day 26

We work to make Sunday a religious and family day and I also don’t do workouts on Sundays.  So, this morning, my weight didn’t drop.

I’ve often wondered if all my exercise has any real effect, since my weight is often this stubborn monster that I can’t seem to budge an inch.  But now, I’ve been working out every day and sometimes twice (to distract myself from not eating), and most days I’ve lost a little weight.

No workout on Sunday and my weight is the same as yesterday.  Of course, I’ve had a few plateaus, but if I drop weight again tomorrow after working out, it will suggest that my exercise does truly have some effect on my health.  That’s an encouraging thing.  I’m much more likely to work out if I feel like it’s having some effect.  Thank you, Sabbath! 🙂





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