Day 24: Exercise and After Fast Goals

Day 24

Day 24

Well, there’s a number on the scale I haven’t seen in over a decade.  So cool!  Of course, now that I’ve reached both my blood sugar and weight goals, I’m ready to just be done.  Though another week of weight loss will keep me in the lower 150s once I start eating again.  Sigh.  It’s almost done.

I have to say that doing this juice fast with the food cravings I always have while breastfeeding is making it ten times harder than the one I did 3 years ago.  On the other hand, my milk supply is doing fine, which means I’m using up lots of body fat to make milk, since I’m not eating any.  So, that might also be a big factor in losing more weight this time around.  But, dang, is it so much harder to be hungry all the time.  The first time I did this, the hunger leveled out and mostly disappeared after the first 3 – 5 days or so.

I’ve also picked up on my exercise a bit again and I’m drinking one serving of this Vegan Protein Shake in the evenings.  It’s actually really enjoyable, because it’s the one time all day that I’m not hungry for about an hour.  I also do my workouts more at a low/medium level, not full out, and feel pretty capable and strong.  Here’s an idea of what kind of working out is possible while juicing.

My exercise last week:

Mon: 1 Insanity workout (40 mins)

Tues: no work out

Wed: 1 Insanity Workout early, 40 mins on exercise bike in the evening.

Thur: 10 min warmup for Insanity workout, derailed by need to put baby to nap and take kids places, 40 mins on exercise bike in the evening.

Fri: 40 mins on exercise bike both in the morning and in the evening. (I have a good book to read that distracts me enough to easily ride and read)

Today’s plan: 1 Insanity workout, might bike in the evening.

I get asked about what will happen after the juice fast.  Last time, I regained about 5 pounds of weight that is just no longer having empty intestines and my blood sugar stayed under 100.  I would be really excited if that happened again, especially the blood sugar.  This time, though, I’d like to do more to continue to lose weight and insure that my blood sugar doesn’t go back up.  I’m looking for long-term maintenance and beating diabetes for life, not just now.  Here’s what I’ve planned out:

My after Juice Fast goals:

  1. Continue to lose weight until I reach an ideal healthy weight in the mid 140s.
  2. Maintain a fasting blood glucose of under 125.

My current plan to achieve those goals:

  1. Continue to juice fast 2 days a week, not consecutive.  Ex. every Mon and Thur.
  2. Start the Insanity workouts daily (except Sunday) again.  After completing 60 day program, go back to running 1 – 2x/wk and exercise bike the other days.
  3. Once I reach my weight goal, and if my blood sugar is still low, I will reduce the juice fasting days to somewhere around 1 – 4x/month.

After 30 days, it feels like it would be super easy for me to do a juice fast for a day at a time, knowing that I can eat again the following day.  Also, we had a bit of a cold go through the house and I usually get a bit of it when my baby does.  This time, however, I didn’t get sick at all.  I think the juice fast is not just a drop in calories and a break for my digestive system.  It is also a boost of concentrated nutrition that I have been slacking on including in my regular diet.  I mean, how often do I eat a bunch of kale?  So, I’m hoping to continue to improve my health, just at a slower pace with the 2 day/week juicing plan long term.  I’ll keep you updated on how the post juice fast maintenance goes.





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