Day 23: On the Move Again!

Yay!  Finally dropping again.  And to be honest, I had been snacking on watermelon a bit lately, so yesterday I did 100% juice only and that seems to make the difference.  Or, it would have happened anyway. Who knows?  I’m also at 26.7% body fat this morning.

So, my goal is to stick as close to 100% juice for the last week as possible, though we do have Tom’s annual work summer picnic on Day 28 and I’m conflicted on what to do.  They always cater in really nice food and it’s something I enjoy every year.  To eat or not to eat.  What would you do?  I’m pretty sure at that point, I’ll probably eat something, but just try and make some healthy choices and keep it limited.  We’ll see.

Day 23

Day 23



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