Day 22: I Hate Plateaus

Day 22

Day 22

Grrr – the 152 lb mark is being so stubborn.  I have 8 days left and I’d like to see a little more weight loss before I’m done.  If not, I’ll deal with it, but the results are what I use to motivate myself and it’s frustrating to see things just sit the same for the amount of effort I’m putting out.

I’m not doing the Insanity workouts every day, more like every other day with a 40 min ride on my exercise bike on alternating days.  But yesterday, because I was frustrated by no weight loss, I did BOTH and Insanity workout in the morning and a bike ride in the evening and still no change.  I’ll just explain it as muscle gain . . .

Speaking of that, I have also been monitoring my body fat percentage and I was averaging around 29% body fat before the fast, with the occasional dip into the 28’s.  Now, I’ve been as low as 27%, so that’s a great improvement.  My blood sugar is also solidly in the 80s now, so that’s amazing!  I think I’ll focus on those today and keep on keeping on.





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