Day 21: Notice the Positives

Day 21

Day 21

I’m chasing the elusive 150 lb mark – a rare animal not seen around these parts since baby #1 or #2, 10 – 15 years ago.  It seems I’m at another plateau the last 4 days, but hopefully I can dip down the last 2 pounds sometime in the next 9 days.  3 years ago, when I did this, I was 150.0 on the last day and at that point there was no way I was doing an extra day.  So, fingers crossed this time. 🙂

The last 10 days, like any countdown can easily drag along really slowly.  I have to remind myself to change the way I look at things.  It’s funny how outlook makes such a huge difference.

For example, I used to grumble when I’d forgotten to grab something in the basement or upstairs and had to make an extra trip on the stairs, with a few added grouchy stomps for effect.  Enter my fitbit.  Now an extra trip downstairs equaled more steps and more flights, which increases my score so I could beat the friends in my current challenge who were doing crazy amounts of steps.  I would actually run up and down a few extra flights of stairs just to get more steps.  The irritating extra stairs had suddenly morphed into something positive.

Now, I just need to morph sipping on juice into something more amazing than chocolate, brownies, veggie stew or just plain chewing . . .  possible?





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