Quick tip – Fat lip

Quick tip:

Have you ever tried to hold an ice cube to the lip of a screaming toddler after he has fallen for the umpteenth time and smashed his lip?  Yes, the “It’ll hurt now, but make it get better faster,” argument falls on deaf ears.  Yours and his.

Next time, get a popsicle!  Yes, in the long tradition of “Why, did I not think of that?”, it’s a simple solution and you’re both happy.  Teach him to paint his lips with the lovely neon blue color of the popsicle to make sure the whole injury gets iced down, and if he wants another?  Why, today is a special day, and he can have as many as he wants.

Instead of a traumatic DocMom moment, you might find him banging his lip again just for the popsicles.


P.S. It doesn’t work so well with bruises elsewhere, but you’re welcome to try. 🙂

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2 comments to Quick tip – Fat lip

  • Your bookmarking strategy is working as I Found you through Stumbleupon.

  • Kelli Sp->

    My kids will *definately* be begging each other to pop ’em in the lip for more treats! As great a suggestion as this is, I can’t even get them started on this! 🙂

    BTW, I love your site, the topics, and your products. But you know, now that I know you’re a doctor I will be bringing you all of the kids at Explorers that get hurt! hee hee

    Great job! Kelli

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