Lose Weight & Control Blood Glucose Levels – all for 13 cents!

What would you say to a new drug, taken twice a day before two of your meals, that gave you a consistent average weightloss of half a pound a week, and had no side effects?

Even better, a study was designed where diabetic, pre-diabetic, and non-diabetic volunteers are split into groups and half are given the drug and half a placebo.  All volunteers were then given a high-carbohydrate breakfast of orange juice, a bagel, and butter, after which their blood glucose levels were measured.  This was repeated a week later with the placebo and drug group switched.  The results showed over a 25% lower blood glucose in the diabetic group, and an amazing 50% drop in the pre-diabetic group, which was better even than the drop in the non-diabetic group.

Now the sour news.  No, really sour!  This isn’t really a drug, it’s a condiment, namely apple cider vinegar.  Yep, two tablespoons mixed in some water with a sweetener was taken a few minutes before a meal and resulted in significant drops in blood glucose on par with a diabetics drug like Metformin ($800 – $1800 per year), except the vinegar is much cheaper and much safer. 

For the weightloss group, the drink was taken twice a day before two meals to see if it decreased blood cholesterol levels.  It didn’t, but the study participants lost weight, an average 4 pounds over 2 weeks – an excellent side effect!  Other studies found that vinegar increased satiety (how full you feel), and that maybe the decreased cravings were responsible for the weight loss.  (I could sure use fewer cravings around 9 p.m. when the kids are in bed and I’m browsing through the snack cupboard)

Bragg Apple Cider VinegarSo, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water, a glass of juice, a homemade vinegrette, or just eat a couple of pickles with two meals a day.  To sweeten it up, add some honey or blackstrap molasses for thier health benefits.  You’ll pay pennies instead of dollars per dose, you’ll help nip glucose levels in the bud, and enjoy a steady weight loss along the way.



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26 comments to Lose Weight & Control Blood Glucose Levels – all for 13 cents!

  • Kudos from one brainiac to another. 🙂

  • I haven’t looked into green tea for weight control. I’ve heard it mostly used as an anti-oxidant or cancer preventative. I try to avoid caffeinated beverages, in any case. I think there are plenty of alternative anti-oxidant sources, like berries and leafy greens.

  • what about green tea?

  • Nice to back your blog, I find it again for about a month, now I have bookmarked it.

  • Hello,Superb blogging dude! i am just Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.
    PS:Have you considered putting video to your blog posts to keep the readers more interested?I think it works.Best wishes, Vicente Wegley

  • Thanks for the comment. I find that I feel full sooner in a meal that I start with the vinegar. Good idea on the UTIs – I think others have also had success using it for yeast overgrowths.


  • Thanks for this. I’ve used ACV for other things, including UTIs. I’ll be giving it a go this week, thanks to Terri telling me about your site!

  • I read Peter’s book and did the cleanse with great success! As I did the cleanse, I already knew what to expect because it was covered so well in his book. Knowing about the detox symptoms and why I would feel good one day and bad the next, kept me going. Knowing which days were likely to be the worst was invaluable! I probably would have given up on the cleanse, but reading other people’s reactions as they went through the cleanse day-by-day kept me on track. I’m so glad Peter put those in his book. I also bought and read The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs and am so glad I read Peter’s book also. Burroughs’ book didn’t mention the five classes of detox symptoms, which days are usually the worst, or have answers to the numerous questions I and others had. I was impressed that Peter kept the actual procedure of the Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet exactly as Stanley Burroughs wrote it and gave full credit to Stanley Burroughs. It’s nice to see someone that caring and honest. Burroughs book was the first, but I liked the simplicity and reading ease of Peter’s book.

  • The Master Cleanse fast is wonderful. If you follow the instructions in Lose Weight, Have More Energy

  • Glad you enjoyed the article. I’m trying to get back to using the vinegar twice a day. It seems to help with cravings, too.

  • I was thinking on this theme last evening and I determined to search the World Wide Web for further info. Your blog came up in my research and I’m impress what you have written on this topic. As I’m currently expanding my research and thus cannot add further, however, I’ve bookmarked it and will be returning to further comment. Like I said, love this comment and will be back shortly.

  • Hi Lori!

    I don’t know if it would have any affect on vasovagal responses. But, I would definitely try some self-hypnosis. You could write a script that would give yourself a cue-word or movement to do, like tapping your fingers together, and then train yourself in the script that every time you use your cue, you will do things like: ‘completely relax’, ‘any sensations of dizziness disappear completely’, ‘blood flow strongly through all my vessels’, etc.

    I had great success with controlling my body’s responses to giving birth by using self-hypnosis and cues that I practiced by listening to a script every day during the later part of pregnancy.

  • I love this. Will this work for a thing called “vaso-vagel”. Sure hope so.
    love ya

  • I’ve read a few things here…my mom sent me your link b/c of your “babies watching TV” post. This post is the most interesting to me though. I’ll try it!

    There is a site I’d like to tell you about. I joined it to keep track of my intake and log my workouts. It’s a great online community. Keeping up with it is the hard part. Bob Greene cost money to do, but this is free. http://www.myfitnesspal.com

    How do you feel about vaccines, since you are in the medical field– like my family–I’d like your input. You can email me your answer personally if that’s best. arellyson@liberty.edu

  • hello, i went through your site, you have portrayed weight loss in a really new and dynamic style. you have adopted the slow and steady method for weight loss, this is what have attracted me towards your site. you have done a great job. i think i should also start trying hard…..

  • I’m glad you liked it!

  • This is so amazing I think I’m going to cry. And great write up! Thanks 🙂

  • hi
    good luck

  • The first studies were done with pickles, but the one I researched the most was using the 2 T of vinegar. Whichever you choose – give it a try by being consistent for a month or so and see what works best for you. Also, mixing the vinegar into a vinagrette might be a more pallatable way to eat it. Thanks for the feedback!


  • Sarah

    Hi I just found your blog and it is great! Can you really eat a couple of pickles instead of drinking the apple cider vinegar? I will definitely have to try this! Thanks!

  • Misty

    Thanks Paul – Swimming is an excellent choice for building muscle, which helps you burn more calories at rest!

  • Swiming worked wonders for me. 5 hours of swiming each week worked like crazy and I went to having muscle in under a month.

  • Thanks Carol for your comment. It’s great to hear success stories using alternative, prescription-free, solutions.

    Isn’t hypnobabies awesome? Enjoy your training!


  • Hi Misty,

    I have had great success with taking apple cider vinegar before meals. My naturopath recommended mixing 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of olive oil in warm water and drinking 15 minutes before eating. It has completely taken away my acid reflux and I am losing weight like crazy (14 lbs in 9 days . . . I have a lot to lose :)!).

    I think that even if weight loss is not needed, it is a great thing to do. It stimulates the beginning of digestion. That is the reason my ND gave me for taking it.

    I linked to your site from the hypnobabies blog. I am going to Kerry’s training next week. I’m so excited. Thank you for sharing your story :)!

    Carol River in Portland Oregon

  • LOL – But it grows on you, really. After a week, you’ll be an ol’ vinegar connoisseur. Actually there was a Swedish (I think?) study where pickles themselves showed a much lower glucose response, so I think any way you can get the acetic acid or vinegar, go for it. That’s interesting about the athletic trainers. I wonder what the physiological process there is – maybe a pH thing?

    A spoonful of honey seems to be the tastiest around here. A quick vinagrette with vinegar, olive oil, and a little honey or sugar and dill is nice too. Or the shot glass technique, which is Tom’s favorite. Throw it back straight and chase it with a glass of water. It’s strong, but over quick.

    Good luck!

  • Laura

    Okay, Misty, I took my first dose of apple cider vinegar today. I took it straight (diluted with water). It was pretty yucky. Perhaps I’ll try it in juice next time. Would pickle juice have the same effect? It is much tastier, and the BYU athletic trainers have been giving it to athletes for years to improve recovery and reduce cramps.

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