Forks Over Knives Movie and How Diet Can Save Your Health

If you’re curious about the health benefits of switching to a whole foods, vegetable-based diet, but don’t want to wade through all the science and clinical evidence in The China Study,  you’ll probably really enjoy this movie coming out this summer.

Check out the trailer for it:

Have you tried changing your diet? Do you have questions about how to do it? Let me know. I’m happy to answer questions!



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2 comments to Forks Over Knives Movie and How Diet Can Save Your Health

  • Hi there,

    It is definitely frustrating to be on a different page than your spouse. I’m the driving force in our house, and my husband was the reluctant one. We had big reasons to change – his heart valve surgery, mostly. I think his big change of opinion is when I handed him “The China Study” and asked, “Would you just read the beginning?” He started, and didn’t stop until he’d read a few chapters. The beginning story is interesting, and then there are lots of studies and evidence supporting a whole foods, vegetable-based diet. He’s a scientist, and the evidence changed his mind.

    If you’re religious, prayer is also an idea. We believe in a Heavenly Father who loves us, so we try to pray about important decisions and really feel that He helps guide us.

    You could also try the ‘give it a test’ method. Give him the 30-day challenge. Tell him that he’s been on his SAD (Standard American Diet) for his whole life. What can it hurt to quit it for one month. Get all your recipes and ingredients ready. Do some online research to find yummy recipes, so it isn’t salads every day. I like the Veganomicon recipe book and Vegweb for ideas. And then make a little booklet or chart with his main digestive and/or health complaints. Ask him to rate each one once a day during the 30 days, so he can see how or if the diet is helping. Like, “stomach pain and discomfort = 4 out of 10” or “my energy level today = 7 out of 10”

    My father suffered from IBS his whole life. He grew up in a meat and potatoes family where his mom saved the bacon grease to flavor everything. He remembers being curled up on the couch as a child with his arms wrapped around his tummy, sobbing in pain. For the first time as an adult in his 50’s he’s resolved his IBS, and brought his blood pressure lower than drugs were ever able to get it, by changing his diet. He did go one step further than vegan, by going raw, but I’m not convinced that’s completely necessary.

    That’s awesome about regulating your son. I’m convinced that a huge percentage of our daily health troubles can be changed with diet and exercise. The problem is we’d rather take a pill and keep doing the behaviors that are killing us.

    The final idea for your husband might be to get a copy of this documentary when it comes out. Lots of people find it much easier to watch a movie about something than slog through a thick book full of studies and numbers.

    Good luck and hope some of this helps.


  • Frustrated Wife

    I just barely found your blog and am so excited to read more. I have been trying to change my families eating habits for the past 8 months. My biggest obstacle is my husband, he is just NOT on the same page. I have two kids, the youngest being one year old. I feed them green smoothies everyday and am trying to incorporate more whole grains, seeds and legumes in our diet. My son has had issues with constipation over the last few years and by simply cutting out most of the white flour from our diet and using whole wheat flour & pastas, and drinking green smoothies he is FINALLY regulated! My husband suffers from intestinal problems as well, and I just can’t convince him that by cutting out a lot if not most of the processed foods, meats, sugars, etc. from his diet that we could get his intestinal problems under control. He says he is just not ready to make that big of a change. I am so frustrated. Do you have any advice or suggestions?

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