Do You Really Need Stitches? Or will a Band-Aid do?

Bandage or Stitches?Your 5-year-old falls at the park again after attempting something insane, like jumping from the top of one picnic table to the other. He runs to you sobbing with his hand holding the side of his head, and all you can think is, “He knows better!” You interrupt your first adult conversation of the day to give him a hug only to see blood gushing out from between his fingers. After suppressing the urge to laugh hysterically, you switch to emergency mode, apply pressure, snag a piece of ice from another mom’s cooler, all the while making soothing sounds and saying, “You’re OK,” over and over.

Many parents have been there before, except for those rare creatures whose kids always make ‘good choices.’ For the rest of us, the next big question, after making sure he’ll live, is, “Do I really have to take him and my four other kids to the hospital and pay a $100 co-pay?”

This was me last Friday. Plus, my 3-month-old baby woke up because of all the shrieking and wanted to nurse. And my three other kids, 8 and under, were playing at the park and didn’t want to leave, “RIGHT NOW!”, and get in the car.

TIP : Find the closest urgent care clinics covered by your insurance before the next emergency. The co-pay is usually half what the ER costs. There’s no time to do this when the blood is gushing – I know!  Make sure to give them a call and ask specifics: do they place stitches, have an x-ray machine, cast broken bones, and have a nebulizer or ‘breathing treatment’ machine? You don’t want to arrive, only to find out it’s a geriatric urgent care.

So, I’ll share my hard-won knowledge with this quick and practical ‘How-to’ guide on wounds and stitches:

  1. How many layers deep is the cut?
  2. If the cut goes through multiple layers of skin, it usually needs stitches to keep the wound edges in the right place while it is healing. Not to be gross, but if you can see something besides skin, like bone or yellow bits of fat, deep in the cut, then you should get stitches. In general, a cut more than a ¼ in. deep should get stitches.

  3. How long is the cut and does it gape open?
  4. The longer the cut, the more the wound edges can move around and heal ‘crooked’ or with bunched up areas of skin. Also, if it gapes open it will likely heal that way with a wider area of scar tissue. A good rule of thumb is to get stitches if it is over ¾ of an inch long.

  5. Are the edges clean or ragged?
  6. A small cut by a kitchen knife is a great example of a cut that doesn’t need stitches. The straight edges of the wound will heal with almost no scar. An impact wound that has pulled the skin apart leaving ragged edges will have a hard time healing well. The ragged edges need to be trimmed smooth before stitching so they don’t bunch up while healing or die off providing a nice spot for an infection to take hold.

  7. Are there possible serious complications?
  8. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if the wound is near anything important, you should get medical treatment. This would be anywhere with important nerves, like cuts to the face, hands and feet. Also cuts deep and close to joints should be stitched for two reasons: One, they are a pain to keep from opening up every time you bend the joint, and two, an infection that gets into a joint can be very serious. Plus, make sure you have an updated tetanus shot if there are any suspicious objects involved in causing the wound.

  9. Where is the wound? (ie. Do you want a scar or not?)
  10. Ok, if you really don’t care what it’s going to look like afterwards, or you enjoy using the occasional scar as a conversation starter, then you really don’t need to get stitches for minor injuries. Your body will just fill in the area with scar tissue. Your main goal, in this case, is to clean the wound and keep it from getting infected.

If you decide to stay home (and save the copay)

  1. Start by cleaning the wound out well. Irrigate gently with lots of water and make sure to get any particles, rocks, slivers, etc., out of the wound.
  2. Put on an initial antibiotic treatment – ointment, first aid wash, etc.
  3. Apply any herbal wound remedies you like.
  4. Use a bandage to hold the wound closed in the way you want it to heal.

If you’re using a bandaid:

  • Get a good quality one that will stay on well – the fabric ones seem to work best on my kids.
  • Attach the bandaid to one side of the wound, pull the skin and wound closed, as straight as possible, and stick down on the other side.
  • Start at one edge of the wound and work your way to the other (or the middle and work your way to the edges). Don’t be afraid to use plenty of bandaids. If you leave any of the wound gaping, it will heal that way. Try to keep the bandages protected and dry so they keep the wound edges together for at least the first 3 days or so. The less you disturb the wound, the less it will scar, and the more likely it will heal the way you bandaged it.

If you’re using ‘closure tape’ or ‘steri-strips’, which you can order from medical supply stores:
(For those who have lots of crazy, ‘no-fear’ little boys, and want to plan ahead)

  • Paint a bit of Benzoin Tincture on either side of the wound without getting it in the wound – think ‘glue stick’. You can buy this at the ‘old school’ pharmacies in most areas – call around. It really helps the closure tape stay stuck for days instead of hours, but you can do without it in a pinch.
  • Ditto above: Apply the tape to one side and pull the wound closed as straight as possible and stick it to the other side. Continue until the entire wound is pulled together as straight as possible.

Good luck and if you’re curious to see how our picnic table adventure ended, see my next post on how to remove stitches.

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125 comments to Do You Really Need Stitches? Or will a Band-Aid do?

  • Hi Cindy,

    That’s pretty frustrating. Poor guy!

    Usually, once the cut has healed, the new tissue is the same strength whether it healed with stitches or without. The stitches, however, will better prevent the wound from being pulled open before it has healed.

    The trouble is that the scar tissue is weaker than the skin around it, and the newer the scar is, the weaker it is. So, he’s just had the bad luck of hitting around that spot before the scar has time to finish strengthening completely. Even completely healed, scar tissue is usually considered 80% as strong as the surrounding skin.

    And that areas – the chin, is a very easy place to injure in a child. There is only thin skin over hard bone – very little fat or muscle padding, so the skin splits easily there.

    At this point, stitches would help keep the wound together for this third time healing – but only for the first week, since then the stitches would be removed anyway. So, there’s really no way to keep that cut together, except to keep from hitting it again until the scar has time to strengthen – a few months to a year. Even then, that spot will be the weakest in the area and if he hits it hard again, it may reopen no matter what you do. Babies just fall a lot 🙁

    Also, you usually only stitch cuts that are less than 12 hours old.

    I think you did fine bandaging the cut – both times it was reopened was way past when the stitches would have been removed anyway, and the scar tissue would have been the same strength. He just had the bad luck to keep hitting that area.

    Hopefully as his coordination develops, he won’t fall so often.

    Good luck!


  • cindy

    In March my son was playing and got hurt on his chin with the corner of a chair and he had got a deep cut but i seen my nephew get cuts like that and not get stitches…so… i jus cleaned it up and put a bandaid on it. In May i let him go to his aunts house and he got hurt in the same spot and it reopened but his aunt works at a clinic and she just cleaned it up and again put a bandaid on it and it looked like it had healed so i thought… But yesterday my sister took him to the park and he fell and again his scar reopened. Im thinking he does need stitches but hes only 16 months! What should i do?

  • I have a cut to the right of the palm on my left hand, about 1/8 inches deep and 1/4 inches long. I didn’t get stitches because of the expenses but I applied liquid bandage 3 days in and ripped it off the next day, removing all of the fat.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks! I’m glad to help. If you really do cut yourself frequently, I’d look into growing a comfrey plant in the backyard – very easy to grow.

    A neighbor friend of mine had a long, deep, but clean cut to her finger when she put a hot mason jar down on a cold slate countertop and it shattered. Once the bleeding stopped with pressure (and a bit of smashed fresh yarrow), we taped it together with steri-strips and put a fresh comfrey leaf poultice on it.

    (steam comfrey leaves for 5 – 10 minutes like it’s spinach and let cool just enough to not burn and apply with a bandage – reapply up to 4x a day – you can also save the water/tea in the fridge to rewarm and dip and apply to wound with a rag)

    The wound healed in about half the normal time and the scarring is very minimal. So, quicker and less scarring, with no stitches. Sometimes, I really love herbs!

    Hope that helps,


  • Andrew

    Thank you for your tips, Favorited your page as im a chef and cutting myself stupidly sometimes. got a nasty finger one at the moment and hands are the most important thing i need. hurts typing!

  • mommymouse

    Thanks – and for those who don’t want to trim bandages while holding a wound closed, also try butterfly bandages for holding smaller wounds closed.

  • Stefanie,

    Great story! I love to hear stories of what worked for people. I know we often need doctors, but I also feel we need to take a bit more charge of our own health.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Stefanie

    In the past couple years I “fixed” 2 cuts on my fingerss. The first was a c shaped cut around one of my knuckles. The skin was hanging by a small piece that was still attached at the bottom. The other was a diagonal cut to the tip of my finger that I got while I was using new (sharp) garden scissors. This one was pretty deep.Each of these cuts would probably have gotten 3-4 stitches. Being an RN with ER experience, I knew what they would do if I went to the hospital or urgent care. Since I do not care for shots, (unless I’m giving them, cause they don’t hurt me a bit then!!!LOL) I cleaned then secured both of the cuts with bandaids and steri-strips and then kept it clean and dry for several day. The knuckle cut did reopen 1 time, but did eventually heal. Both areas are fine now. Not even a scar.If I had gotten them stitched, I know there would be a scar.

  • Tina,

    Sorry to hear about your finger. Finger injuries are the worst, because they hurt so much and then you’re always trying not to use your hand while it heals.

    It sounds like you aren’t too happy with the care you got. A small wound can often be treated successfully either way, but it’s always much nicer when the caregivers explain things and give you enough information to feel like you understand what’s going on and why a treatment was chosen.

    At this point, you’ll just need to take good care of it and watch for any signs of infection. It sounds like you’re doing well keeping the wound edges from moving around too much with the butterfly bandage (good job!) and clear drainage is the normal/ok kind. If it’s milky or looks like pus – that could be a sign of infection.

    So, it’s probably just a time thing at this point. And I wouldn’t overdo it on the antibiotic ointment – just use it for a few days and then again only if you see signs of infection.

    If you’re into herbs at all, I really recommend comfrey – it has compounds that stimulate tissue growth and healing. You can often find it at a health food store – simmer it 5 – 10 minutes in some water and put the hot wet leaves on the wound for 20 minutes or so. Save the water (looks like a tea). Put that in the fridge and then heat up a small amount, dip a rag in the warm tea, and put that on your wound – again for 10 – 20 minutes 2-3 x a day. The only downside is that soaking the wound can loosen the scabbing wound, which you want to avoid, so keep an eye on that. You can also find a healing ointment instead, which is oil not water base. I make some, but it would have shipping time – so you could check a local health food store.

    Hope that helps! Good luck,


  • Tina

    Hi Misty,

    I smashed my middle finger in a heavy door and it peeled back the skin in a “c” shape from the bottom of the nail down about a 1/2″ then over to the middle of the top knuckle. ouch… I went to urgent care, they xrayed and no broken bones. They chose not to stitch, because of swelling, even though after they soaked it in an iodine solution for 10 minutes to clean it, the flap lifted and looked fairly deep to me. The nurse who was cleaning went to ask the doctor if he wanted to see it again, since he did not see it after that happened, he declined, telling her to just put antibiotic ointment on it and dress it. So she did. They told me to leave this on for 2 days before changing the wrap. By the way, no non stick gauze, no butterfly bandage to hold flap down, just the finger gauze that slides down over the finger and then tape… Sorry so lengthy, well being a pet groomer, I felt like I needed to change it when I got home from work, so this was about 7-8 hours after, decided to put butterfly bandage on, then regular bandaid, then finger gauze on top w/tape to hold in place. Well after work today, took bandages off,(noticed drainage on dressing,) Looks like h— now, it is draining clear, but now questioning whether or not they should have done sutures. Very swollen now, the thing is, they gave no at home care instructions, so my question for you is what do I do now? Also had a small wound on the opposite side of the finger that is draining as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tina 7/21/11

  • Hi Heidi,

    I agree – Oww! Any injury to the fingers is always painful, especially because you use them so much. I wouldn’t call it idiotic – it’s just part of being a kid. Everyone gets hurt at times.

    How long has it been since you cut your thumb? It will usually take a while to heal and may continue to hurt for up to a few weeks. The cut itself will usually close up by a week to 10 days.

    If it’s already been a few days, a doctor usually wouldn’t do stitches anyway because they’d be worried about closing up an infection in the wound and the edges of the wound won’t be ‘fresh’ – that means they will already be starting to dry out and scab, so stitches wouldn’t be able to get them to heal together anymore.

    So, the best idea is to keep it clean and dry (don’t get it soaked), try to use that thumb as little as possible so you don’t re-open the cut, and you can cut small strips from the sticky part of a bandaid to put across the wound (like stitches) to keep it held together well. Watch for signs of infection like it getting really hot or oozing thick pus – a little clear yellow ooze is normal and ok.

    I hope that helps. And if you’re still really worried, it’s always a good idea to check with a doctor who can take a look at it.

    Good luck and hope it gets better fast!


  • Hi Misty! I have a small problem…. I am only 11 so i am pretty idiotic somthimes! Well, anyway, I was catching lightning bugs with my best friend and the sharp piece of metal caught the tip of my thumb on my right hand.(OWWWW!!!!) My mom is a- um…. well I dont know exactly what its called because I always forget but she mixes chemo for oncology patients (Very Sad, Especially when I go to her work!!!!) Anyway, she doesnt think I need stitches but Im not Sure after reading your blog. The cut is about two cenimeters long and its hard to say exacly how deep. Half of it is healed but it still hurts! Please help!!!!

  • Hi Meghan,

    Scabs can sometimes take a while to completely heal, especially with a wound that can get pulled open more frequently, like on the knee. This would be a reason to get stitches if the cut is horizontal on the knee, elbow, finger, etc. Stitches would keep it from being pulled open when your knee bends.

    But, since this is a small cut you could choose either way.

    And as long as it is healing cleanly and without an infection, then your body is doing fine taking care of it. In that case, the only benefit of the stitches is that you might have a smaller scar.



  • Meghan

    I fell off my bike and cut my knee about 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch long. It has been a few weeks and I still have a scab. I was wondering if I should have gotten stitches?

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi Catlake,

    Sorry – finger cuts are painful. It is unusual that it’s still bleeding. Is it oozing or actually flowing? Oozing would be better. And if it really worries you – it’s always best to have it seen by a doctor.

    But, the body will generally heal on it’s own. It may take a bit longer than if you had it stitched up. Keep pressure on it, and it will eventually stop bleeding. To help it heal you’ll need to avoid using that finger as much as possible. Cuts like that tend to get reopened easily when you use your hand. I’d do my best to tape the actual cut closed – Get some fabric bandages, cut thin 1/8″ strips from the end. Clean and dry the skin on either side of the cut, and then use the bandage strips like stitches to pull the skin together. YOu’re trying to keep the skin together and not moving and pulling apart.

    Hope it heals well for you,

    P.S. For all the commenters – remember my comments are not considered medical advice, see a doctor, etc. etc. 🙂

  • Catlake

    Last night around, 5 pm, I cut my finger, I’ve been able to stop the bleeding by wrapping it tightly. It’s now 7:30 am the next morning and if I loosen up the pressure on the wrapping on the band aid the blood comes flowing out. I tend to heal quick, but do use my hands a lot, Im a nanny/housekeeper. It’s a sideways cut about 3/4 inch deep on the end of my index finger. Do you think it will be able to heal with out stitches?

  • Ouch – that hurts!

    Well, you’ll have to make the final decision based on how serious you feel the cut it.

    I wouldn’t expect the cut to be too deep. That area is a frequently cut area because the skin is right on top of the bone there with no padding.

    The big question is whether or not you care about a scar there. That small of a cut will likely heal fine on it’s own if you keep it clean so it doesn’t get infected. Also, it’s not that great an idea to stitch it up after more than 6 hours have gone by because the tissue won’t heal back together as well, it’s usually very swollen and hard to stitch, and there has been a longer chance for infection.

    If you feel confident enough, a small cut like that can be held together very well with steri-strips or cut strips from ‘fabric’ bandaids, and can heal together about as well as stitches if you can keep it undisturbed for a week or so.

    I helped a friend with a bad cut on her hand who insisted she didn’t want to go to the hospital for stitches. We cut the sticky part on a fabric bandage into strips and starting at the middle, pulled the wound together and stuck the strips on. We put a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on, just in case. Then we simmered some fresh comfrey leaves in a little water for 5 or 10 minutes. Once it cooled a bit, we put that poultice on the wound, taped a popsicle stick to it (so she wouldn’t bend and re-open the wound), and let it heal. We changed the poultice twice a day and switched to an herbal ointment after 2 days. The wound healed beautifully with a thin white scar.

    The point of stitches is to keep the wound edges held together while they heal with absolutely no movement. If you can do that with steri-strips or something else and immobilize the area (skin on joints are almost impossible) then you can do as well as stitches.

    Good luck – hope it heals up well!


  • that chick

    i ran into a pole today – very stupid.
    mycut is on the edge of my eyebrow. it is hard to tell how deep it is, but its about 1/2 inch long.
    stiches or no stitches?
    it bled for 20 minutes, and the area is swollen…

  • Glad to help. Keep an eye on it and watch for signs of redness, swelling, or infection. If it’s in a bad spot that keeps reopening, stitches might be needed, though good bandaging and staying off it as much as possible can also work well. Small enough wounds can also benefit from a small amount of superglue – yep, it really works to hold the skin together. And a small amount of bleeding – spots, is expected the first day or so. Good luck!


  • lalala

    YAY i don’t need stitches! … i think……. I have a cut under my big toe that isn’t very long. it opens a little and i can’t walk on the toe too long but I’m seeing if this will help. I pulled it closed w| a bandaid and I’m seeing if i will be able to walk w| ease tomorrow. It’s barely bleeding
    like a dot or two but i guess that’s expected? … i really don’t want stitches .. it’s not that deep..

  • Mony,

    So sorry you got on the wrong end of a box cutter, but your comment was pretty funny to read. I’m the same way and like to do my own research before deciding what course to take. Glad I could help, and hope everything heals up well! Take care, and good luck with your pregnancy. 🙂


  • Mony Bell

    Funny… Im preggo:-0 and i cut but finger with a box cuter, Instantly when i cut myself it was massive amount of blood just gushing away and dripping in the loading dock in front of my entire team of associates and they are all so over protective because their boss thats pregnant just cut herself for all we know she could faint. HAha.. so Ofcourse considering that its my first child, and i work in an enviroment that requires alot of labor. I found that I can be stubborn sometime and dont want anyone help. They all tell me you need stiches! and ofcourse I require my own reserch and knowledge to say i need stiches rather than listen to someone who cut themself a few time. You blog popped up and I read thru it! quite entertaining! and so To conclude my comment I just wanted to let you know that you just inspired me to really go get stiches. 🙂

  • If the wound edges are healing together well, I’d stick to my guns. In fact, even if they gape, the worst you would be looking at is a larger scar or what’s called a keloid scar, which is a raised bumpy scar. If that doesn’t bother you because it’s on the foot, then infection is the only real concern. And I’d agree with you also: if you rinsed it well and then it continued to bleed well to rinse itself out, there isn’t a huge risk of infection.

    But, yes, many doctors would rather be safe and give preventative antibiotics. On my own foot, I would likely wait to see any redness, tenderness, fever, pus, etc. before taking antibiotics, since I’ve had bad side effects from them in the past.

    Remember also, that you’re always able to ask for a second opinion. Medical insurance will usually cover it, though most people don’t realize that asking another doctor’s opinion is available.

    Two alternative remedies are to use comfrey which stimulates tissue growth and will heal wound edges together very well, plus decrease scarring according to research. Second, plantain, a common yard weed, is an amazing ‘drawing’ herb and will pull out infection and inflammation extremely well. I’ve used it personally on bee stings, an infected tooth, my daughter’s swollen gums, and insect stings. I pick some, chop it in a food processor and keep it frozen in thin flat sheets in baggies in the freezer for situations like this.

    Hope that helps – Good luck!

  • Mel

    My daughter recently cut the top of her foot with glass late at night. The wound was 1+ inches long and gaping. After rinsing, we pulled the skin together with little homemade butterflies cut from bandaids. The skin fit together nicely but I was still worried about infection since the cut was so deep. Also, I made sure she could use all her toes. I made the decision not to take her to the ER and instead take her to the family dr the next day (less $). There seems to be a lot of criticism about my decision, since the dr. said I waited too long(12 hours till the next morning) to give her stitches. The wound edges were already beginning to heal. They checked it, used steri-strips after cleaning the wound and updating her tetanus. Also, they have her on antibiotics. Which I am not sure why since there is no infection. Is this a preventative norm?

  • Hi I enjoyed your article. I think that it is crucial when discussing diabetes to at least point out natural treatments that have been proven to be effective in controlling high blood sugar. Several natural herbs can be including in a diabetics treatment that can help maintain a wholesome glucose level.

  • Hi Sandra,

    I’m glad the info helped you out. Hand injuries are really difficult. You want to make sure you don’t have any permanent damage. Plus, it’s no fun having to do everything one-handed for a while. I hope it all heals up well!!


  • sandra

    i had a gaping laceration in my left hand that needed 10 stitches, it was horrible! i wasnt gonna go to the er but after reading your post, i’m glad i went!

  • Hi Tom,

    Sorry to hear about your son. My 2-year-old is also always climbing and into everything.

    If the cut is really long or really deep you should consider stitches. If it’s no longer bleeding, your main consideration will be scarring.

    If you decide not to have stitches, then remember that you want to get the edges of the wound fit together as best as you can to make the scar as small as possible.

    Then make sure to keep it held together like that and keep it dry for 7 – 10 days. If it pops back open or gets wet, which can also soften and re-open the wound, you’ll likely increase the size of the scar and open it to infection. If you don’t have steri-strips or butterfly bandages, you can try taking a fabric bandage and cut the sticky part on either side of the pad into thin strips. Use these across the wound to hold the wound edges in place. Leave them on for the full week if possible. The less you disturb the sealing of the wound edges, the better. I would also put a small amount of antibiotic ointment on AFTER closing the wound with the small bandage strips so you don’t interfere with the strips adhering well. The ointment should be able to penetrate fine in the spaces between the bandage strips.

    It’s always a good idea to consult your family doc if you’re at all worried.

    Good luck,


  • Tom

    my son just hit his head on our fireplace, he has a pretty nasty cut on his forehead. i got it to stop bleeding after like 5 minutes. i have a bandaid on it now i am just wondering if i should get him stitches or not. he is only 18 months old. any ideas?

  • Glad to help – I hope he’s doing better soon. If it’s in the hair, you’ll probably never see the scar. Just keep an eye on it for redness, heat, and swelling, which would indicate an infection and don’t hesitate to bug your doctor if you get worried. I always recommend calling and talking to a nurse if you’re on the fence, because that’s usually free and can help you decide how serious something is. Good luck!

  • Liz

    THank you so much for this. My 5 yr old hit the corner of the wall and has a small gash on his head. Now i know I can rest easily for not taking him to get stitches.

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  • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


  • i would not have guessed this was excellent a handful of years back and yet it is interesting exactly how years switches the manner you comprehend a number of ideas, thank you with regard to the article it’s nice to browse through something smart now and then instead of the typical nonsense mascarading as a blog on the internet, i’m going to enjoy a few rounds of facebook poker, adios for now

  • Glad I could help! I hope the finger gets better quickly – Been there, done that 🙂

  • Jeanie

    Thanks! I just took a big cut on my finger, but after reading your blog, I have decided to tape it closed and continue with my day! Thanks for sharing

  • LOL – Glad I could help – hope it turns out well!

  • dumb guy

    Thanks. I just did something stupid, and this helps me feel better about the decision I already made :0

    dumb guy

  • Since you’re usually not worried about a scar on the head under the hair, you would only need stitches for a serious wound that is bleeding a lot.

    Using the hair is a great method. Remember that scalp stitches usually stay in 7-10 days, so try to keep the wound dry the first 2 days, and then be careful not to pull it open for the first week or so.

    Your main concern would be infection. Watch for redness, puffiness, heated skin, and/or oozing puss. If you use an antibiotic cream/ointment, it’s generally a good idea to only use it for a few days when the wound is new, since overuse can also irritate and inflame a wound.

    I hope she is doing better!


  • Jen

    My grandma to a tumble and cut the back of her head the bleeding was easy to stop and I also thought about stitches but she did not want to do that. So after cleaning it and apply antibiotic I pinned hair on each side of the wound to close it. I was just wondering if I had done the right thing when I found this blog. Seems some else also had the idea. I am going to watch the wound and see if this will work.


  • Don,
    You’re right, the ER is outrageously expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance.

    One idea: Urgent cares have tried to meet the need for minor emergencies without the cost of a fully equipped ER, but aren’t always available in every area. Many urgent cares can do stitches and/or X-rays for breaks, and they usually cost much less than the ER.

    Take care,


  • Don

    Copay ??? We should be so lucky! (Can’t afford insurance…)
    When my son needed four stitches after a playground fall, the hospital charged us $850 (!) Almost a month’s rent, after waiting an interminable time in ER. Without insurance, patients actually pay (a lot) more, because they’re paying “Retail” instead of the discounted rate given to the insurance companies. Yes, I think some (big) changes to the health care system are long overdue.

  • Pierre,

    Glad I could help – it’s why I enjoy sharing what I know.

    I hope all goes well with the stitches!


  • Pierre

    Thank you so much for your help…!!!! My mom fell this morning and hit her head on a sharp table edge.
    The cut is a bit longer than two inches long and about 1 millimeter deep and two wide. It’s right on her hailine and goes up from there….now we kow that she definetly needs stiches!!!! On theway to Doc’s office.
    thanks again!!! God Bless

  • Wow, Darrell – I’ll have to add hair to my list of ways to close a wound. Talk about some quick thinking! Especially since a head full of hair is impossible to place a bandage – which is why doctors usually shave the area. I bet very few have thought about leaving the hair unshaven and using it to pull the wound together. Tell your BIL he’s very clever. Thanks for the comment!

  • Darrell

    My brother-in-law did something similar to using bandaids on my niece’s head injury. She’d fallen and hit the back of her head. Everything looked okay and scarring isn’t a huge issue since her hair would cover it up. Anyways, they took a bit of hair from above and below the cut and pulled it together with a smally ponytail holder. Then they did the same with the hair on either side of the cut. Then just pulled the rest of her hair up in a big ponytail around it. Worked great:)

  • Jessica Ludlow

    Wow it’s great to see you’re still applying your skills! Doesn’t mothering count as an honorary residency? I think of you often and wish we were still close by so we could harvest and cook things. I am ready for a wheat grinder and couldn’t remember which one you liked better for bulk work vs. every day milling…

  • I’m glad you liked it!

  • Great, thank for sharing your post, I learned alot from it.

  • James

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

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