Hypnobabies used during birth – video

For those of you curious about using hypnosis during birth, I used an awesome program from www.hypnobabies.com

Tom got a short video of me using both the belly lift technique (for a posterior baby) and my hypnosis techniques during a birthing surge (aka contraction).

Hypnosis is awesome for helping relax completely during birthing surges and to train the body to feel pressure, not pain.  I recommend it to every pregnant mom.  There are scripts to help with nausea, sleeping better, releasing fears about pregnancy and giving birth, creating a special place you can go to in your mind to feel calm and relaxed, and even a set of positive statements about pregnancy that really helped remind me of what a beautiful miracle pregnancy and birth are.

It’s easy to get run down during pregnancy and I didn’t realize how much I needed a positive boost until I listened to Hypnobaby’s positive affirmation soundtrack.  Then I started noticing how many women unwittingly say things like, “I bet you can’t wait for this to be over,”  “You look so tired,” etc.  Or many seemed to want to share ‘horror’ stories about how bad things were during their pregnancies or births.  I would use another Hypnobaby’s technique called a ‘Bubble of Peace’ and imagine all the negative comments just bouncing off and not effecting me.

So, here I am smiling and chatting during my beautiful birth.  It really was an amazing experience – the majority, completely without pain.

Here is the clip:

Or you can go to YouTube to see the clip:


You can also read the full birth story here.

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