Processed Meat Ups Your Heart Disease and Diabetes Risk a Lot!

I have to admit, I remember something delicious about that first bite into a hot dog, the fluffy bun, all the toppings, the smell of the grill.  We wouldn’t eat them if they didn’t taste good.

But, there’s a pretty dark and dangerous side to meat, and processed meat in particular.  Check out this new study about processed meat specifically.  It’s a meta study that analyzed a whole bunch of other studies and then put all the data together.

What they found will make you think twice before serving your kids meat from the danger list:  hot dogs, bacon, salami, sausages and processed deli meats.

Findings from the study:

  • One serving of processed meat a day (1 hot dog or 2 slices deli meat) = 42% higher risk of heart disease and 19% higher risk of diabetes
  • One serving a week of processed meat = lowered risk.
  • Processed meats contained, on average, four times more sodium and 50 percent more nitrate preservatives.

Help your body out and avoid processed meat (and all meat, if possible) as much as you can.

Here’s to your health!

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