Breastfeeding Saves 900 Babies a Year – Plus Billions of Dollars

photo by Alexander Tundakov

I love breastfeeding my kids.  As a doctor, I know the science shows the health benefits of breastfeeding to be almost miraculous.  And as a mom, it’s a bonding time, a time to just take a break to hold and love my babies.  I guess both reasons are why I’m still nursing […]

TV Steals Words from Your Growing Baby’s vocabulary!

Photo by futurestreet

We’ve all had one of those days with kids screaming, trying to make dinner, scouts or soccer practice in 30 minutes, and in desperation, you turn on the TV.  Sometimes it’s almost a miracle.  The kids’ eyes whip over to the screen, they stop moving, sit down, and peace descends on […]

How to Remove Stitches Video

And here I am removing Chris’s last stitch above his eye:


You need a pair of good tweezers and small scissors or clippers that are sharp at the tip. Clean instruments with alcohol first and wash your hands. If the stitches are ‘glued’ to the wound and won’t come loose easily, use a […]

Quick tip – Fat lip

Quick tip:

Have you ever tried to hold an ice cube to the lip of a screaming toddler after he has fallen for the umpteenth time and smashed his lip?  Yes, the “It’ll hurt now, but make it get better faster,” argument falls on deaf ears.  Yours and his.

Next time, get a popsicle!  Yes, […]

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