How to Remove Stitches Video

And here I am removing Chris’s last stitch above his eye:


You need a pair of good tweezers and small scissors or clippers that are sharp at the tip. Clean instruments with alcohol first and wash your hands. If the stitches are ‘glued’ to the wound and won’t come loose easily, use a […]

Wasp stings and Mosquito Bites – Toothpaste, Ice, and Plantain


It’s that time of year, bugs, bugs, and more bugs.  There are few things more annoying than bites and stings that keep coming to bother you for days.  Anti-itch creams only work so well, and for those who have a more severe reaction there isn’t much you can do besides take a Benadryl, which may or may […]

Quick tip – Fat lip

Quick tip:

Have you ever tried to hold an ice cube to the lip of a screaming toddler after he has fallen for the umpteenth time and smashed his lip?  Yes, the “It’ll hurt now, but make it get better faster,” argument falls on deaf ears.  Yours and his.

Next time, get a popsicle!  Yes, […]

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