My Peppermint is Back . . . and so is DocMisty

(New peppermint growing in my garden)

Peppermint is a wonderful herb for relaxing a ‘twisted’ stomach (gas, bloating, cramps) and is simple to grow and to use:

Grab a pair of scissors Cut enough to fill a quart mason jar Rinse it clean and pack it into the jar. Pour boiling water over the peppermint until the jar […]

Poison Ivy – Alcohol, water, soap, and maybe a little Jewelweed.

Like a sunburn that appears hours after  forgetting your sunscreen, a poison ivy or oak rash is  insanely itchy and shows up way after your error in judgment of trudging through  three-leaved greenery.   Or worse, you figure out later that the dog you were playing with or the ball […]

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