I’ve been DocMisty to friends and family for a while, so I thought I’d post and share with everyone else. What else is an M.D. good for when you stay at home and homeschool 5 kids?

I also love using alternative medicine for all the chronic, nagging, day-to-day discomforts that modern medicine either can’t fix or considers beneath it’s notice.

So, let’s see, I homeschool 5 kids (10 and under), am an underpaid doctor, a black belt, a novice website owner, and dabble in beekeeping, science fiction writing, herbal remedies and a variety of other odd hobbies.

Knowledge is for sharing. That’s why I’m blogging. Oh, and if you happen to like my well-priced and extremely effective products, you can support my habit of sharing.

Check out TurtleBalm my little website with herbal ointments, handmade soaps, LipSilk lip balms, and the KozyWrap, a baby wearing wrap that saved my life when I took my firstborn to four hours of medical school lectures a day.

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