Day 29: Results! Final Pictures and Numbers (a day early)

I’m done and very excited about my results! Here I am with the weight I lost using bags of sugar as a visual aid = about 20 pounds! More importantly, I cured my Type II Diabetes!  All with 29 days of fresh fruit and vegetable juices plus a vegan protein shake per day halfway through.


Day 28: Everything Looking Good!

Carrot-Citrus-Pepper Juice

Isn’t the juice pretty?  This is one of my main juices I drink every day, a mixture of carrot, orange, lime, and ginger.  I’ve recently made two more additions that I really like: orange bell pepper and a chunk of turmeric root, which looks like a scrawny piece of ginger and I […]

Day 27: So close! plus Alternative to Juice Fast.

Day 27

So, for those of you who want the results, but think a juice fast is a bit too extreme for you, I’ve been reading about great health results with the Engine 2 Diet lifestyle changes.

One really interesting idea is that people consistently eat the same physical amount of food every day, […]

Day 26: Weight loss from God?

Day 26

We work to make Sunday a religious and family day and I also don’t do workouts on Sundays.  So, this morning, my weight didn’t drop.

I’ve often wondered if all my exercise has any real effect, since my weight is often this stubborn monster that I can’t seem to budge an inch.  But […]

Day 25: Counting Down

Day 25

This is my last week and my blood sugar hasn’t been in the 70s that I can remember without insulin doing it artificially.  It’s really nice to think that my glucose regulation system is doing its job the way it should.

Now, I’m just counting down and, once again, realizing how much food […]

Day 24: Exercise and After Fast Goals

Day 24

Well, there’s a number on the scale I haven’t seen in over a decade.  So cool!  Of course, now that I’ve reached both my blood sugar and weight goals, I’m ready to just be done.  Though another week of weight loss will keep me in the lower 150s once I start eating […]

Day 23: On the Move Again!

Yay!  Finally dropping again.  And to be honest, I had been snacking on watermelon a bit lately, so yesterday I did 100% juice only and that seems to make the difference.  Or, it would have happened anyway. Who knows?  I’m also at 26.7% body fat this morning.

So, my goal is to stick as […]

Day 22: I Hate Plateaus

Day 22

Grrr – the 152 lb mark is being so stubborn.  I have 8 days left and I’d like to see a little more weight loss before I’m done.  If not, I’ll deal with it, but the results are what I use to motivate myself and it’s frustrating to see things just sit […]

Day 21: Notice the Positives

Day 21

I’m chasing the elusive 150 lb mark – a rare animal not seen around these parts since baby #1 or #2, 10 – 15 years ago.  It seems I’m at another plateau the last 4 days, but hopefully I can dip down the last 2 pounds sometime in the next 9 days.  […]

Day 20: Before and ‘so-far’ Pictures

Day 20!

So, excited to be at Day 20.  Only a 10-day countdown left and then we’ll see what happens to my blood sugar and weight once I start eating again.

I haven’t been very good about taking any pictures, but I thought I should do some today and see the contrast to Day […]

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