My Peppermint is Back . . . and so is DocMisty

(New peppermint growing in my garden)

Peppermint is a wonderful herb for relaxing a ‘twisted’ stomach (gas, bloating, cramps) and is simple to grow and to use:

Grab a pair of scissors Cut enough to fill a quart mason jar Rinse it clean and pack it into the jar. Pour boiling water over the peppermint until the jar […]

TV Steals Words from Your Growing Baby’s vocabulary!

Photo by futurestreet

We’ve all had one of those days with kids screaming, trying to make dinner, scouts or soccer practice in 30 minutes, and in desperation, you turn on the TV.  Sometimes it’s almost a miracle.  The kids’ eyes whip over to the screen, they stop moving, sit down, and peace descends on […]

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