Poison Ivy – Alcohol, water, soap, and maybe a little Jewelweed.

Like a sunburn that appears hours after  forgetting your sunscreen, a poison ivy or oak rash is  insanely itchy and shows up way after your error in judgment of trudging through  three-leaved greenery.   Or worse, you figure out later that the dog you were playing with or the ball […]

Cognitive Distortion #2 – Overgeneralization

You couldn’t figure out long division in school, so to this day, you say with a joking smile, “I’m bad at math,!”  “I’m don’t make friends easily,” you think after being ignored when you tried to introduce yourself at a company party.  “I’m a bad mother,” thinks a women when her child throws a tantrum […]

Can You Cure Depression Without Pills? All-or-Nothing Thinking

“I never do anything right.”  “Everyone is always talking about me behind my back.”  “Every time my kids scream, I lose my temper.”

Using words like ‘never’, ‘always’, and ‘every’ are examples of all-or-nothing thinking, one of ten so-called ‘cognitive distortions’ used in a well-studied treatment for depression – Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

It’s a mouthful, but CBT is […]

Wasp stings and Mosquito Bites – Toothpaste, Ice, and Plantain


It’s that time of year, bugs, bugs, and more bugs.  There are few things more annoying than bites and stings that keep coming to bother you for days.  Anti-itch creams only work so well, and for those who have a more severe reaction there isn’t much you can do besides take a Benadryl, which may or may […]

Quick tip – Fat lip

Quick tip:

Have you ever tried to hold an ice cube to the lip of a screaming toddler after he has fallen for the umpteenth time and smashed his lip?  Yes, the “It’ll hurt now, but make it get better faster,” argument falls on deaf ears.  Yours and his.

Next time, get a popsicle!  Yes, […]

Cure for the common cold!

Ok, so it’s not a cure, but as I chase down another kid with the dreaded Kleenex in hand, you have to wonder if there is a better way.

While it may be difficult to use with young children who don’t know what’s good for them, I found a great aid a few […]

Welcome to DocMisty

Cool! I’ve got a blog going. I’ve been DocMisty to friends and family for a while, so I thought I’d post for the world to see. What else is an M.D. good for when you stay at home and homeschool 4 kids?

Yes, I spent four years in the lovely world of medical school, had […]

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